Current SMLs United

Stupid, meaningless lives have united! The following is a list of people who follow me and/or whom I follow.


Not Smoking With Brandon

Altarwise by Owl-Light

Books With Pictures

State of Mind: Adventures in Place-Conscious Teaching

It’s Your World, I’m Just Living in It

Ranting on the Lolo

A Record of Poor Judgment

Second Lunch

Mike is Happy. Relatively.

Caffeinated & Random

Rant and Roll

The Ugly Moose

Kash in Transit

Robotic Rhetoric

Dr. Anthony’s Blog


Kapil Guitarist

Kash in Transit


Bucket List Publications


Little Grey Box

A Star on the Forehead

Keerthika Singaravel

Patrick Latter


Raw Food SOS

Canadian Hiking Photography

Cristian Mihai

Planet Mom

Megan Sayer

Great Smitten

Eagle-Eyed Editor

Dr. Sustainable

Comic Belief

The Good Greatsby

Ph.D. in Creative Writing

Glenn Pendlay

Beyond Paisley

The Time Is Write

The Oven Mitt

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