Make a Dream Come True

Everybody has a dream. My friend’s dream is simple: Travel to Lithuania for a year. So what’s the holdup? Her beloved family of cats, who cannot accompany her but need a good home while she’s away.

Love cats? Want to make someone’s wish come true? Please read my friend’s letter below and consider adopting her family for a year. Contact me at if you’re interested.

Hello, all!  Thank you for reading this.  Let me tell you a little about my situation.

I have the opportunity to leave the country for a year.  I would be embarking on a journey to Vilnius, Lithuania, where my ancestors hail from, and where a good friend of mine lives and teaches English.  I would be going to look into my ancestry, teach, write, and hopefully travel a bit.  I have wonderful people in my life who are whole-heartedly supporting me in my decision to go, but there is one enormous barrier that is holding me back from saying an emphatic YES — and that’s my cats. I am looking for someone(s) to long-term-temporarily adopt my babies for one year from October 2013 to somewhere around October 2014.  YOU WILL BE FULLY COMPENSATED.  Read on to get the details.

First, meet my mittens!  (I call cats “mittens.”)



Lucy is a small greyish brown tiger short hair who’s about 18 years old!  She is the mitten love of my life, and very special in that she’s the antithesis of the stereotypical “aloof, sneaky, don’t-pet-me cat.”  She is a LOVE, and wants to be on you (or at the very least right next to you), pet by you, loved on by you, and be let in under the covers when it’s sleepy time (if you want — she takes cues when you don’t want her on you/ under the covers, etc.).  She has almost no voice, so she’ll look at you and meow — but it comes out as a whisper, or as a little “meep!”  It’s hilarious.  But she’ll do that any time you come into the room, especially after a long day: look at you, “meow,” and drop and roll around so you can mush on her belly.  Ridiculous love.  Lucy loves a good brushing, isn’t timid, and is even pretty chill with dogs and other animals in general (when she was young she lived with other cats, two big dogs, and her own kittens).  Lucy is definitely older, and I particularly can tell because she’s a bit skinnier, and she may try to throw up a hairball but she can’t (sorry, but it’s true—better to know all the facts now) — however, she still loves to play and I’ll find a suspicious toy or two left on the bed…evidence of Lucy shenanigans!  Lucy’s purr is loud and on ALL THE TIME.



Shortly after I first adopted Lucy, because she spent her entire life with other animals, I rescued her a kitten.  Stella (that kitten) is a big fluffy grey longhaired character, who’s about 13 years old.  She is the curious one, and maybe the least bright (but don’t tell her I said that), in that she loves new people and is curious about other animals so she runs up to you/them, but then skits away all crazy-cat-like — but then comes right back up for some loving.  She also wants to hang around you and get loved on, but she’s not one to sit on you (although if you put her on you, she’ll sigh and let you love on her for a minute).  She loves her belly pet and will roll over for you to do so, and she likes the brush.  She is the big eater of the family and knows — even from across two large rooms — when you are eating a peach, or strawberries.  She will meow at you until you give her a little nibble, which I do in small amounts.  It’s weird, but she’s weird — in a fabulous way, of course.  I sometimes shave Stella in the summer — mostly because she gets dreadlocks and her coat is so thick.  Stella and Lucy are family — they sleep together, play together, mush on each other, groom each other.  They cannot be separated, and I would never put them in a position where they would be.



Stella (more so than Lucy) is friends with Jamesbaldwin.  Jamesbaldwin (not James, but Jamesbaldwin-one-word) is a big black fluffy fancypants boy who’s about 5 years old.  My x-partner and I adopted him out of a parking lot as an older-kitten, where we found him with a broken tail and the most pitiful high-pitched “meep!” you’ve ever done heard.  It took a bit of time, but soon he was a rambunctious love-boy.  He and Stella got along right away (and they chase each other like crazy mittens, and yes — sometimes hiss and swing at each other as siblings are wont to do), and he and Lucy tolerate each other.  I have seen evidence of love, however — Lucy giving Jamesbaldwin a little lick!  And he and Stella sometimes groom each other as well.  Jamesbaldwin could potentially be separated from the girls…but if someone is willing to take all three, that would be my ideal.  Jamesbaldwin is a shy boy at first and will come up to you and sort of stretch out his front paws, but then shy away when you initially go to pet him — he still even does this with me, sometimes.  But sooner rather than later, he will purr his quiet purr and bonk his forehead on your knee or wherever and demand to be let onto your lap where is the sweetest boy ever.  He is the softest of the three and LOVES the brush. Jamesbaldwin is the quintessential cat-in-a-box boy.  He loves that cardboard!  All three love plenty of scratching posts as well.

Please look at the pictures.  If you’ve gotten through this much writing about cats, then you should at least look at how damn CUTE they are.


Bam! Instant cuteness!

THE MITTENS ARE INSIDE CREATURES!  In the desert where I’m from (Tucson, AZ), I would let them wander around the yard a bit (and they would stay close), but here (Durham, NC) I haven’t let them out at all — mostly because of ticks, fleas, and poison ivy (this was recommended to me).  Jamesbaldwin could potentially be an inside/outside mitten if he were to be temporarily adopted without the other two. None of them go to the vet for regular checkups — they only go if there is something wrong.  I will take Lucy to the vet before I leave the country just because she is so much older, and I just want to make sure she’s all good.  All three cats have current shots and etc., and I have paperwork for all of them.  I don’t have a regular vet here, but I have all the information for the places I’ve gone.  I go through food and litter about once every six weeks, and all three use the same litter box.  If I had more room, I might use two.  There’s water all over the place and I notice that I have to really keep an eye on it, those thirsty mitts!

I WANT YOU TO FORM YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH THESE MITTENS.  Meaning, there is a standard of care that I want to be sure is given, but your style may be completely different from mine, and that’s perfectly fine and expected.  As long as they are loved and cared for, I’m grateful, and I bet they are too.

I WILL COMPENSATE YOU.  I will pay for all food and litter UP FRONT as well as part of the other chunk of money that I’m able to give to the amazing awesome someone(s) who will take care of the mitts.  Potential vet costs will be taken care of…and when I have a better plan for how that should go down, we’ll talk!  I am paying $100 a month above the food, litter, and potential vet costs.  If I’m gone for the entire year as planned, that will be $1200 plus about $35 a month for food and litter = about $1620 for taking my babies for a year.  I am willing to round up to $1700, but I am simply not able to do any more than that.  Half of this money will be paid up front and the other half will be given upon my return.  If a vet emergency does arise, you will have all of my contact information (plus I’ll be contacting you anyway) so you will have the funds to take care of that emergency.  We will, of course, talk about this and everything else once someone(s) takes this on.  I WILL BE UTTERLY GRATEFUL for this long-term mitten-sitting.  I want to be able to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey with peace of mind that my family is being well loved.

Finally, I WANT MY MITTENS BACK!  I know that a year is a long time, and bonds will be formed, but I will want all three cats back.  If something arises and we decide together that maybe you would want to adopt one for keeps or something, we can talk about that when I get back.  My intention is to scoop them all up again when I land back here.

Please contact ASAP if you’re interested!  Technically, I have until October to find a home, but I have to give my final word to my boss in Lithuania by the middle of June:

Thank you so very much for considering.