Seven Things About This Versatile Blogger

by justcallmeraegen

I recently got a nomination as a Versatile Blogger from Lolosofocused — one of the stupid, meaningless lives (SMLs) united with my own. (Before anyone gets insulted, please see my “Manifesto” blog for the details on what I mean by that.) Thanks, Lolo!

I believe this is a for-bloggers, by-bloggers recognition, which just stands as further testament to the power we have on the Interwebs these days to further connect with people and thoughts we may not have had any other access to previously as well as facilitate connections on behalf of those we feel would appreciate additional exposure. One interesting task I’ve already begun is to trace back through the root of my own nomination to see the foreparents who came before me, what’s on their minds at the moment, and just get a general sense of all that’s out there — and it’s a lot!

These are the “rules” for the Versatile Blogger Award, should one choose to accept the nomination:

1) Add the award to your blog (which I think I’m doing through the writing of this blog).
2) Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog. (Done above.)
3) Mention seven random things about yourself. (Is anything random? But see below.)
4) List the rules. (Done here.)
5) Give the award to 15 or more bloggers. (Lolo assured me that “even if (I didn’t) have 15, that’s cool, but (I should) still let someone else know (I) like their blog. I will do this, but I will also point out that I have already devoted an entire page of my blog to the SMLs already united.)

Now on to the seven “random” things about me. I’m hoping some of these will be able to surprise even my oldest of friends:

1. I’m a huge fan of nicknames — both giving them and getting them, though I only give them to people I like. I’m currently writing this from the bed of one of my best friends in the whole world — also my oldest friend (oldest meaning I’ve been friends with him the longest, not that he’s, like, 100) — who gave me my first friend-created nickname: Miss Perfect. Those of you who know me IRL I’m sure understand why.

perfectionist measuring and cutting grass

This is a picture of a perfectionist measuring and cutting grass. When I live again in a place that has grass, I will resume this activity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. I was once a cheerleader. This proves two things: a) not all cheerleaders are stupid, and b) cheerleaders can be or can turn into feminists. You’ve been warned.

Postcard of CornellUniversityCheerleader1906 C...

Sorry. I just couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of today’s cheerleading fashions — aka slut gear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. I went on to become a poet, wearing a vinyl dress while giving my last reading in my graduate program.

Gothic Model Lady Amaranth wearing Nightshade ...

Not me, but close on that night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. I love the artistic (say, David Lynch) as much as I love the worthless and asinine (say, Will Ferrell) on film, and I am willing to watch a Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games movie, but I will never — you hear me, never — read a J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, or Suzanne Collins book. That is just asking too much. This is what we literary elitists call genre fiction, and if I’m going to devote any amount of time to reading — which for me is always considerable — that book must teach me something meaningful about myself or in some way transform me. Genre fiction doesn’t accomplish this. In musical terms, it would be the difference between Bach and Madonna.

Cover of "Twilight (Twilight, Book 1)"

Don’t take the bait! Read real literature!

5. I was one of the first to see the phenomenon that is The Room, thanks to my good friend JohnnyGnu82! This was back in, like, 2003/2004, when I lived in L.A., when one theater at Laemmle’s Sunset could house the entire audience. And I will be there when Tommy Wiseau achieves his dream of screening it at the Staples Center. If enough people loved The Room, the world would be a better place.

Staples Center

If you make a terrible movie, they will come. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. My favorite book of poetry is Louise Gluck’s Averno, gifted to me by MC, blogger and poet extraordinaire. My favorite fiction is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

7. I do believe in a higher power, but I’m spiritual, not religious. My partner’s name is Jesus, so I think God must have an incredible sense of humor.

Okay, I’m off to enjoy a real-life reunion of stupid, meaningless lives now. Until next time…